Our Recent Projects


Social Media Analytics

Our client required mining of social media data for sentiment analysis, popularity of brands, trends etc. in a cost effective way where no-budget was allocated for software tools. We crafted a solution using open-source No-SQL systems where tweets were collected in on a daily basis though an extraction script. Python & R were used for analyzing millions of tweets stored in the No-SQL systems real time.

The first step in a social media analytics initiative is to determine which business goals the data that is gathered and analyzed will benefit. Typical objectives include increasing revenues, reducing customer service costs, getting feedback on products and services and improving public opinion of a particular product or business division.

Sparsity Systems Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity.

A smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation.

wher house

Data Warehouse Modernization

Integrated big data and data warehouse capabilities to increase operational efficiency. Optimized data warehouse to enable new types of analysis. Use big data technologies to set up a staging area or landing zone for new data before determining what data should be moved to the data warehouse. Offload infrequently accessed or aged data from warehouse and application databases using software and tools.

Current enterprise data warehouses are choking from the weight of new structured and unstructured data sources. In response to this, there are many new commercial and open source options. Our data warehouse modernization solutions help to extend and enhance your data warehouse infrastructure in a complementary way. We can lower your cost, risk and time for migrating to a highly scalable big data warehouse. We also provide solutions for enterprise data governance in Hadoop.

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Big Data in Logistics

Analysis of several attributes of truck deliveries including drivers. Real time data feeds of GPS locations, speed, distance etc. to a hadoop cluster through Kafka streaming. This enabled operational analysis through big data. Also developed a model using attributes like basic demographic data, pay per mile, home time, no touch freight etc. to predict which truck drivers were likely to resign.

Solutions & Innovation – the innovation unit of Sparsity Systems – has recently launched a new trend report, entitled Big Data in Logistics to “move beyond the hype” and reveal the true value of Big Data for us and for our customers.

The potential for Big Data in the logistics industry had previously been highlighted in our highly acclaimed Logistics Trend Radar – a dynamic, living document designed to help us and our customers derive new strategies and develop more powerful projects and innovations.