Big Data

Data has been increasing at a tremendous pace and current computational power of computers isn’t sufficient to cater big data challenges such as volume, velocity and variety. It is just a matter of time until we see organizations get inundated with data, which is a wealth of information. To extract meaningful insights from this data requires the right infrastructure, framework and analytics.

Our IT professionals have already implemented diverse big data solutions in multiple organizations by adopting industry recognized best practices. We are not associated with any specific technology and weigh all options depending on customer needs to carve out a lean & workable solution through our decision and analysis resolution (DAR) procedure.

“We accelerate your Big-Data Initiatives”

Our Services Include and not limited to:

  • Hadoop Administration and optimize operation of Hadoop clusters
  • Hadoop Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Process vast amount of data with low cost solutions
  • Data Science
  • In-memory solutions depending on data demand
  • No-SQL databases